The Concert Season

2023–2024 Season at Hirshhorn Museum & St. Mark’s

  • DAVID FROOM: echoes, resonance and remembrance

    at 5pm on Saturday September 162023

    St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill – a heartfelt tribute to the late composer, educator, and 21st Century Consort board member, with Thomas Meglioranza, baritone soloist.

    David Froom
    David Froom
    David Froom
    Saxophone Quartet (Project Fusion Saxophone Quartet)
    Jeffrey Mumford
    Resonant Echoes
    Robert Gibson
    David Froom
    Amachai Songs
  • Doppelgangers

    at 5pm on Saturday October 282023

    Hirshhorn Museum’s Ring Auditorium – a view of the HMSG exhibition “A Window Suddenly Opens: Contemporary Photography in China” through a musical lens, and an unhinged nod to Halloween, too.

    Bright Sheng
    Angel Fire
    Yao Chen
    Five Colors
    Wang Jie
    One Movement for Cello (world premiere)
    Pascal Le Boeuf
    Shih-hui Chen
    Twice Removed
    Bobby Ge
    Doppelganger Streets
    Wang Jie
    The Night When You See Again (revision premiere)
  • Disappearing Landscapes

    at 5pm on Saturday December 22023

    St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill – a program inspired by the Hirshhorn exhibition of “Purple,” an environmentally-focused installation by pioneering British, Black artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah, with the world premiere of a climate-conscious Christmas concert-drama by Jon Deak.

    Eleanor Alberga
    Valerie Coleman
    Corey Dundee
    A Sunrise Elsewhere
    Arvo Pärt
    Jon Deak
    The Christmas Peace (world premiere)
  • Singular Beauty

    at 5pm on Saturday January 202024

    St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill – inspired by the Hirshhorn exhibition of work by Simone Leigh, Jamaican/American artist and U.S. representative to the 2022 Venice Biennale, with soprano soloist Lucy Shelton.

    Jeanne Lee
    Angel Chile
    Hannah Kendall
    Glances / I Don’t Belong Here
    Jesse Montgomery
    Voodoo Dolls
    Eleanor Alberga
    Jamaican Medley
    Tania Leon
    Arenas D’un Tiempo
    Jon Deak
    The Jury (poetry by Rhina Espaillat)
    Mikhail Johnson
    Laugh Radish
  • Quinquagenerians

    at 5pm on Saturday September 162023

    Hirshhorn Museum’s Ring Auditorium – the Hirshhorn Museum’s 50th anniversary, which anticipates the 21st Century Consort’s 50th season in 2024-25, is the impetus for a program featuring mid-20th century classics paired with new compositions, paralleling the exhibition’s art. Over the following season, plan an extended celebration of these two redoubtable institutions of contemporary art and music reaching the half-century mark. For the Consort, it will be an opportunity to revisit works the ensemble has championed, along with new musical creations.